Showven Inverter


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Showven Inverter

Here at C02FX we have a compatible showven inverter for the showven battery pack. A simple plug and play inverter making it easy to swap out your old inverter.
After many hours of testing many different brand here at CO2FX are now please to offer a higher quality inverter at an affordable price. Stocked in Australia and ready to ship out. Need more information please feel free to contact us

Features: Showven inverter ia a 24v DC 500w pure sine wave inverter 500 watts power Inverter.

Provides 6 kinds of intelligent protection which can protect your electrical equipment considerately.
1. Over Load Protection:
When a load exceeds the inverter power rating it will automatically shutdown and stop the output.
2. Over Heat Protection:
As the internal temperature of the inverter or the ambient temperature is too high, the inverter output will automatically stop to ensure the safety of electrical equipment.
3. High-Voltage Protection:
When DC input voltage exceeds the normal range of the inverter it will automatically shutdown and stop the output voltage if it’s too high. (note when there may be damage to the machine).
4. Low-Voltage Protection:
If the battery or power supply voltage is too low the inverter will stop output automatic shutdown protection to protect the battery or power supply is not compromised.
5. Reverse Protection:
The inverter link reverse to battery, inverter fuse will be blown, without damaging the product itself, you need to replace the fuse.(A reverse protection circuit no burning fuse for 300w, 500w)
6. Short Circuit Protection:
If the load is connected severe short-circuit fault the inverter will automatically shutdown and stop the output.

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